This is a slow-paced short walk along Bathampton Meadows river path you will be given a blank postcard and stamp and drawing and writing materials.

The emphasis is to immerse yourself in nature while stopping and reflecting on your natural environment.

Documenting your experiences – what you see, hear or feel – on the postcard, in any format such as drawing, poem, describing your journey.

Then putting in the post, to a friend or family even back to yourself, or send to Bathscape team.


Start Date Saturday 14th September 2019
Start Time 11:00
Duration 1 to 1.5 hours
Distance Less than 500m
Places Available 15
Meeting Point Car Park, London Road East, Batheaston, BA1 7NB


Start / Finish

Start by the bridge in Batheaston car park entrance
Finish by the post box opposite the car park on the High Street Batheaston.


This flat terrain has a graded slope each side of the bridge. There are benches along the river path giving moment to rest and draw in the view. This path is full accessible for all to enjoy.


Bus 3 and x31 to Stanbridge, cycle path, there is carpark with three disabled parking spaces.
Public loo in carpark fully accessible - cost 20p


Victoria Wells

Meeting Point

Car Park, London Road East, Batheaston, BA1 7NB