A circular walk exploring the architecture and landscape created by writer, collector and slave owner William Beckford at Beckford’s Tower & Lansdown Cemetery.

The upper section of William Beckford’s designed landscape formed the garden for the Tower he built as a retreat from the city.

This circular walk will explore the elements that made up the Tower garden and what happened after it was turned into a cemetery following Beckford’s death.

Start Date Saturday 25th September 2021
Start Time 10:00
Duration 1 hour
Distance 1 mile
Places Available 20
Meeting Point Beckford's Tower, Lansdown Road


Start / Finish

Beckford's Tower, Lansdown Road, BA1 9BH


On footpaths throughout the cemetery


It is accessible via public transport.


Dr Amy Frost, Bath Preservation Trust

Meeting Point

Beckford's Tower, Lansdown Road