Come and find out more about these mysterious little creatures that live in Bath and use the Park. We’ll use bat detectors to track them and hopefully spot them flying.

Suitable for age 5 upwards (children must be accompanied by an adult), we’ll have a quick talk about bats and then walk round the Park looking for them. This is usually a great location for bats.

Booking is essential, as we’ll need to keep you updated on weather conditions.


Fully booked
Start Date Saturday 18th September 2021
Start Time 19:00
Duration 1 hour
Distance Approx 500m
Places Available 20
Meeting Point Kensington Meadows


Start / Finish

Kensington Meadows
Inside the park, entering from the pedestrian entrance at the back of Morrison's car park


It may be slippery or muddy in places as we won't be on pathways.


There are no facilities in the Park. Please walk or cycle if you can.


Bathscape Team

Meeting Point

Kensington Meadows