We aim to use video to help people familiarise themselves with walks they might like to do themselves, and we’d love to hear from you which you find most useful.

We are creating video summaries of our self-guided walks. This is an example, filmed when the pyramidal orchids were in full bloom. If you want to try this walk for yourself, you can download it here: St Catherine’s valley and Charmy Down.

Another way for us to show you some walking routes is via a ‘flyover’, this one was produced for us by Dr Steph Merchant from University of Bath.

Steph has also created a longer video (35 minutes) this time you can see the whole journey as she travels from Whiteway to Englishcombe.

Or you can take one minute to immerse yourself in the sounds and sights of nature, from @simontaylorimages.

Ever wondered what happens on a bat walk? Well now’s your chance to find out. This video was shot in September, and you can see bats in Bath during the warmer months.

Keith Bower leads walks about Emperor Haile Selassie’s time in Bath. Keith has recorded a 20 minute video version of the walk. Thanks to the volunteers of Fairfield House and Keith for letting us show this.

Charlie, from Off the Record’s LGBT+ SPACE, has told us a bit more about what new walks she’s discovered during lockdown.


We are also grateful to Dick Bateman and BRSLI for sharing this video walk through the lovely village of Saltford. The walk celebrates seven engineers and visionaries, who built routeways through this village and went on to become celebrated in Britain and internationally. (30 mins)


We’d love your feedback on all of these different styles of video.