Six Bridges Walk

The beautiful Bristol Avon winds its way through Bath from east to west on its journey from source to sea. From the river’s edge you can get a sense of the rich history and heritage of how this fascinating river helped shape the city.

The Bath Six Bridges Walk starts at Newbridge Park & Ride and finishes at Windsor Bridge or further if you choose. The route is a flat 1.5-mile one way walk and includes a series of small parks to take a break in and enjoy nature. Along the walk you will pass under some of Bath’s varied bridges both old and new.

Keep an eye out for wildlife such as kingfishers, herons and damselflies, and you may even spot the distinctive footprints of the elusive otter.

Download the Six Bridges walking trail

Bath & North East Somerset Council are currently undertaking a project to rejuvenate the river path and parks, if you would like to know more or provide any feedback about your experiences on the river path, please contact RiverAvon@BATHNES.GOV.UK