Thanks to local bat groups, we ran three bat walks during the 2018 Festival.

Visitors to Bath City Farm, Sydney Gardens and Springfield Park were treated to lots of bat activity. Using bat detectors to find and identify bats we were also saw bats circling round the group close by, no doubt attracted by the insects that were attracted to us!

Bath City Farm had a fantastic range: common and soprano pipistrelles; noctules; serotines; and a possible Leisler’s (difficult to spot and rare in Bath).

At Sydney Gardens we found common pipistrelles emerging from the Temple of Minerva, soprano pipistrelles foraging and a very brief fly past from a lesser horseshoe!

In Springfield Park, visitors had travelled from far and wide to see what there was in this local park. We picked up both pipistrelles again, and found that they congregated around the street lights as well as the trees, creating lovely flight patterns and lots of noise on the bat detectors.