Ever been out on an invigorating walk in idyllic countryside and suddenly felt ravenous? Or taken the kids out to get some fresh air in the great outdoors only to be bombarded with moans of “I’m hungry”? Ever been desperate for an energizing snack, but the only thing on offer at the petrol station is a fizzy drink and a chocolate bar?

We asked Jess from the Active Lifestyle Team at Bath and North East Somerset Council to tell us how she prepares for a walk. “I much prefer to take a couple of apples from the market in the centre of Bath. Bananas are also a favourite, but less practical to carry in a backpack all day. Having said that, Banana Brownies are easy to make and will feel like more of a treat to little ones, they’re great to wrap up and take on a long walk.” Healthy sources of slow-release energy are vital when you’re out on a long walk, so ditch the sugar-laden drinks and shop-bought snacks and try making your own sustaining goodies.

Make a Healthy Snack Today

To make Banana Brownies, just follow the simple recipe below. You can sandwich some peanut butter and sliced banana in the middle too, to make them protein packed and extra filling. These brownies don’t call for any added sugar, since the sweet potato and banana combo is sweet enough.

These tasty treats provide slow-release energy and are exactly what you need during a long walk in the rolling countryside on Bath’s doorstep, and can be washed down delightfully with a flask of tea or coffee, or a bottle of water on a hot day! Dehydration can sap your energy just as much as hunger. So why not whip up a batch now – they only take half an hour – and get out there!

1/4 cup oat flour (blended oats)

1.5 tsp baking powder

Sprinkle of salt

1/4 cup of cocoa powder

1 cup nut butter

1/2 a roasted sweet potato (scoop out the flesh)

2 bananas (mashed)

1 tsp vanilla essence


  1. Blend all the wet ingredients together, then mix in the dry.
  2. Spread evenly in a pan (oiled first!).
  3. Bake in the oven on 180°C for 20 minutes.

They firm up as they cool.


For more ideas on healthy high energy snacks, see Sugar Smart  and NHS advice.

Get Outdoors!

Bath has some stunning walks to offer, and you’ll be surprised how good you’ll feel after a few hours in the great outdoors whatever the weather. There’s absolutely no need for any fancy kit – comfy shoes are all you need and maybe an anorak! So why not join us for a walk during the Bathscape Walking Festival Saturday 16th September–Sunday 24th September 2017. We have walks for everyone, whether you’re a seasoned walker or a newbie. There’s something to interest you if you’re a nature lover or a history buff. Peruse our walks, choose one that suits you and explore the beautiful countryside right on your doorstep.

For more low sugar (and vegan) inspiration, follow Jess on Instragram @sugar.smart.jess.